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Four Kitchens + Manatí
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Four Kitchens acquires Manatí

Manatí is proud to announce that it has been acquired by Four Kitchens, a distributed web design agency located in the United States.

For 11 years, Manatí has continually evolved the variety of services it provides while maintaining the spirit of community, collaboration, and open-source values that inspired its founders to build a web design firm focused on social impact. Having grown from three co-founders to a team of 21 designers, developers, and project managers, Manatí’s portfolio has also expanded to include government agencies, universities, and nonprofits.

Drupal has been at the heart of what Manatí does since day one. From that community, it has learned not only how to make better software, but also how to find new and progressive ways to maintain and nurture a professional team.

For several years, Manatí has exported part of its services to the U.S. and Canada, where the relationship with Four Kitchens stands out. This acquisition is the culmination of an eight-year collaboration and friendship between the firms. Four Kitchens and Manatí share a connection through their values, vision, and mission.

“Even though we are in different parts of the world, there are so many things that unite us,” said Manatí’s Director of Design and Co-Founder A. Lucía Sánchez.

Opportunities for growth and inclusion

“The ‘Mana-team’ is at the heart of this business venture,” said Todd Ross Nienkerk, CEO and Co-Founder of Four Kitchens. “A lot of organizations expand outside of the U.S., Canada, and Europe, but this isn’t just a move to boost stability and profitability. This is hiring; this is retention. This is building a stronger team.”

Among the additions Nienkerk is most excited to incorporate is Manatí’s approach to recruitment, training, and mentorship, which is more advanced than Four Kitchens’ existing processes.

“We have progressive practices in the way that we do the work and in the way we invest in people—or should I say, help them invest in themselves,” said Alberto Rojas, CEO and Co-Founder of Manatí. “This changes industries. If we can improve that with this acquisition, that is one of the most exciting things for me.”

The acquisition takes effect October 1, 2022.

Manatí will progressively phase out existing projects in Central and South America to focus on clients in the U.S. and Canada. Manatí’s co-founders will join Four Kitchens along with its team of web developers, UX designers, and project managers, growing to 65 Web Chefs.