Case Study

INCAE Master's Website

The #1 Business School in Latinamerica redefined


INCAE wanted to integrate all the information of the programs available, the history of the school, contact information, blog posts, etc. on a single website, but we didn't just do that, we created a complete web experience by reflecting the analog life of INCAE in the digital life (by showing photos of the campus, video testimonials about the students) and also reflecting some forgotten or important buried information (by creating a firehose).

We created a Firehose that brought INCAE's content to life

We created a system, that we call: firehose, this firehose basically consumes an incredible amount of feeds, that are later on curated and then classified in a way that the content appears whenever is relevant in the context their in.

All the content that before was lost in oblivion is now being read and shared by the visitors that come to INCAE Master's Website, and the key to this success is the way we architectured the content on the site, making it really easy to find content and also to get interested in relevant subjects.

INCAE Master's Website

The Process

To create this incredible system, we used contributed modules and adapted them to INCAE's needs, making it as dynamic as INCAE needed it to be and as reliable this system had to be.

INCAE Master's Website

Nerd Talk

Importing content

INCAE needed to import a huge amount of external content, professors blogs, media outlets and other sources that are relevant to INCAE to this new Drupal site, so we built a service that let admin users to import and moderate the content before appearing on the live site of INCAE.

Information architecture

Being INCAE's Master website so big, we built the structure they needed the content meanwhile being flexible and maintainable. This structure helped to create organic relations within the content, for example, a pillar of INCAE content it's, no surprise, their professors and mba programs, these content was key for the rich relations we were able to create, with the publications, blog posts, events, etc.

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