Intermediate/Senior Software Developer — Fullstack JavaScript


As an Intermediate/Senior Software Developer at Manatí, you'll build digital products for high-profile clients. With plenty of technical challenges and opportunities, you'll learn as you go, grow the practice area, and help refine our processes as a team lead.

Interacting frequently with a Canadian SW studio, Myplanet, reporting to their technology leadership, you'll work as part of our autonomous Agile teams on digital products that help people in their daily workplace experiences.


  • Lead technical teams in delivering enterprise grade JavaScript applications
  • Provide operational coaching and functional mentorship to technical team members
  • Support project estimation, planning, pricing, and proposal delivery
  • Collaborate with designers and product owners in creating and implementing project work
  • Stay up-to-date with new/emerging technologies to implement improved practices or to overcome technical issues

Skills and Qualifications

  • 5+ years industry experience working with fullstack JavaScript (Node.js and a front-end framework)
  • Excellent fluency in english, both written and spoken, to collaborate effectively with both client and remote teams
  • Comfort working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on the client and server
  • Understand modern web development paradigms and database technologies such as PostgreSQL and MongoDB
  • Experience with modern cloud infrastructure and architecture paradigms such as Serverless, Microservices, Containerization, etc.
  • Apply fundamental computer science and software engineering principles to projects

Is the Role a Fit for You?

The Senior Software Developer role emphasizes team collaboration, leadership, and technical proficiency. You’ll find fulfillment in the role if you:

  • Delight in making things. You thrill at the concept of going beyond the theoretical and applying your ideas, skills, and expertise to products used by people every day.
  • Find passion in new challenges. Every chance to learn and move things forward with your can-do attitude or to share your entrepreneurship excites you.
  • Thoroughly enjoy collaborative work. Knowledge sharing and the chance to be part of a team who co-own the output, instead of a solo hero who lives and dies by their work alone, is important to you.

Benefits and Perks

  • You’ll be hired through our payroll.
  • We’re a semi distributed company which means that you will have the chance, depending on projects, to work from home.
  • Reasonable workload. We believe that the company you work for must enable a good quality of life. Overtime is rare and we do not encourage it.
  • Explore ongoing opportunities for professional development: training, conferences, certifications, and in-house peer mentorship. Each member with more than 6 months in the company has access to a once a year budget of up to $1500 for training, conferences and certifications.
  • Experiment with new techniques, wear multiple hats, and learn about new disciplines.
  • Enjoy a flexible schedule of full-time hours
  • World class development workflow. We use automation and constant peer reviews so that our code is as best as it can be. We have created our own development environment which is a manifestation of our development philosophy.
  • Spotify account. Music is important in life!
  • Great culture and team work. We believe that the work environment should encourage people to grow. Sharing knowledge is within our DNA, as well as making our work something fun and purposeful.

Performance and Growth Expectations

Our environment is not your average, hierarchical software studio: we emphasize accountability for outcomes, but autonomy in activities. Alongside with the team, you’ll determine the areas of your interest for growth and you’ll be able to use the yearly training budget towards achieving it.

About Manatí

We’re an award winning company always looking for new challenges. We help create an internet for everyone through diversity, inclusion and collaboration. We focus on work that has a purpose.

We’re located in a coworking space called Impact Hub San José in Los Yoses, where different ventures converge daily in an environment that promotes innovation.

Are you interested?

Apply, we want to meet you. To apply, we need you to include the following in your application:

  • Tell us why you are interested in applying to Manatí.
  • Up to date resume.
  • How did you hear about this opportunity?

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