Case Study

Johns Hopkins Popline

Advanced search with researchers in mind


John Hopkins University needed to improve its advanced search interface and architecture for all their documents in order to give a better experience to researchers.

Johns Hopkins Popline

The Process

To understand the needed functionality we studied a couple of typical user research techniques they would use, which impressed by the amount of variables and ways they grouped each of those variables and couldn't do it on the platform.

With this information, the brief, the Personas and the use cases, we created a draft version of the possible interaction, which we later on improved and iterated until we created a version that was great for the users needs.

Johns Hopkins Popline

Nerd Talk

It's impossible to do a 6 pages search strategy with Drupal, so we brought the real power in: a javascript framework and a pinch of ajax to do monstrous and flexible searches for power users.

The set up:
  • A javascript framework (Angular in this case)
  • Serving two sites through modular development
  • A pinch of ajax
  • Unlimited length for monstrous searches
These were some of the resulting features we were able to pull off:
  • Integrated POPLINE Thesaurus within Search
  • Ability to add multiple search fields, mix and match search types however you like
  • Savable Search Groups to facilitate complex search strategies
  • Search History display
  • Ability to combine History, Saved, and New Searches
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